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You are on the blog of Deep Plaid Games. A white page presents you with text. To the south is more text.

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Deep Plaid Games a company. But you soon realize that the company is really just one person: Shay Pierce. This blog is just a place for him to spew his thoughts about his latest game projects, or game design topic, or game programming topics, or other things that he finds funny. (He's known to have a very immature sense of humor, so you'll probably want to steer clear of that latter part.)

examine Shay Pierce

Shay Pierce appears to be a game designer/programmer living in Austin, TX. He claims to be a professional game developer.

ask Shay Pierce about himself

"I like designing games, but I keep making the mistake of telling employers that I'm a good programmer, so I end up spending almost all of my time doing that," he jokes.

"If you ever want to get in touch with me, try the email address IQpierce at Gmail dot com," he adds.

ask Shay Pierce about professional experience

"I've worked in the professional games industry for over 7 years, for such companies as Midway Studios Austin, Blizzard Entertainment, and Sony Online Entertainment. Then I did some work at a social game company while also getting into iPhone development; currently I'm employed as a full-time contractor working on Words With Friends.

"I like pretty much all varieties of video games, and several types of board/card games."

ask Shay Pierce about Deep Plaid

"Deep Plaid Games is where I work on my personal projects. It's picking up speed!"

ask Shay Pierce about IQpierce

"Oh yeah... that. Back in the old arcade games that only allowed you to enter three initials, I always used the initials 'IQ' because I thought that was pretty cool. Then in 1995 I adapted that to an internet handle, 'IQpierce'. I still go by it just because of how long I've used it. I don't actually know what my IQ is, for what it's worth..."

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You can't go that way.

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You can't go that way.

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You can't go that way.

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You can't go that way.

ask Shay Pierce how to leave

Shay Pierce just smiles, then disappears into thin air. The lights dim.

It is pitch black.

You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

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  1. Best “About” page, EVER…

  2. Hi there,

    My name is Jeremiah and I opened a new hot dog restaurant in north Austin and I’m offering all gaming employees a 10% discount. The restaurant is Man Bites Dog and we are at 5222 Burnet road. Please let your employees know if they come by and show something that proves they work at a gaming company, they’ll receive a 10% discount.

    Here’s our website for more info

    We hope to see you soon.

  3. Howdy Shay,

    I enjoyed reading your article about refusing to accept work with Zynga. Complimenti! I like your politics a lot and wish others were as constructively stubborn. I know the feeling, having refused to go to work for EA when they bought Westwood. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. Want some cheese from Italy? I sometimes know people who are looking for coder contractors. Any chance you might describe what sorts of gigs you prefer? In any case, thanks for your admirable display of backbone.


  4. Shay,

    I also read your article on Gamasutra.

    Not only did you refuse their income/benefits package, but you lost the ability to say you joined Zynga when they acquired OMGPOP. That’s like being able to say you were employed by Cobalt Networks before Sun acquired them.

    And for what? A simple puzzle game which makes you almost no money.

    Connectrode totally sucks. I could put together a better game over the weekend.

    I also think mentioning the in-game dedication to your wife is super lame.

    Maybe if you’d joined Zynga you’d get laid more often.

  5. As an independent game creator who used to work for someone else, sometimes there’s a value in that independence that can’t have a price tag attached to it. Keep up the good work, Shay.

  6. Fellow Indie Dev (Steamroller Studios) Your my hero man!

  7. Read the article as well. Glad to hear you stood up for what you believe. I bought Connectrode. It is ok but could use some tweaking. That said, I hope that a lot of people buy it after reading about you and you can get to work on whatever is next.

  8. Great Job for standing up for your beliefs and values! I’d love to talk to you about some iOS development we need done. If you are open for employement or contracting positions, let me know.


  9. If you need a qa guy to help you while you startup, send them my way, and i’d be happy to help!


  10. Came here after reading your post on Gamasutra as well. What you did took courage and a huge amount of character. Many people would fold their beliefs and sell out. You didn’t and that is just fantastic. It makes you a winner in my book. There are already too many greedy, selfish douchebags in the world. I am very happy you stayed true to your principles. I have been in the exact same situation and you should know that what you did is ultimately better for your health, your ability to create stuff and, most likely, your wallet as well. WELL DONE.

  11. Got any Ogre3D experience? I am looking for an Ogre3D guru that takes contract work.

  12. I read your article as well. I started programming when I was 12 or 13, sparked by my love and enthusiasm for video games. I, however, never ended up writing games or working for a game company, and oh how I wish I had. I respect your commitment to your work and your values. That other guy Bill is a prick.

    I wish you well in your game coding, and perhaps I will have the balls one day to stand up and start programming games…

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