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Game Prototyping Talk slides

Posted on December 3, 2010

Last night I gave a 10-minute long "microtalk" at an IGDA Austin meeting, sharing my experience gleaned from developing various game prototypes, especially my work at Blizzard.

I just exported the slides, which are heavily annotated; you can download them here as a PDF. If you were at the talk and wanted to see the list of prototyping technology choices I recommended in more detail, now you can grab it.

Whenever the YouTube video of the talk goes up I'll share that too.

Flixel Game Jam: “Terminal Velocity”

Posted on January 26, 2010

If you like falling onto spikes, this game is for you.

I had a great experience this past Saturday attending the Austin Flixel Jam, an "indie game jam" where about ~11 guys met up to make a game in one day - specifically 6.5 hours (which is as long as the library would let us work in one of their offices).

I showed up knowing no one, with no idea what to expect - a true "dive in headfirst" scenario. I met the host, Phil Knoll, a very cool guy, and chatted with him about my experiences at Blizzard and SOE - small world, he's indirectly done some outsourcing projects for SOE Austin and knows a couple of my friends there.

Finally some more guys showed up and we began talking about what we were going to do. I had expected that Phil, the organizer, might have had some pet idea already picked out; and that every single guy who showed up would probably have their own ideas as well... in short I expected something of a fight over who would get to make their game idea! Instead something very different happen: Phil mentioned that he thought we should make a game like Canabalt (the most well-known game made in the Flixel engine we were using). In particular we all felt the idea of a "single button" game seemed ideal.