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Quick Connectrode Update

Posted on July 30, 2011

Deep Plaid Games' latest game, Connectrode, has had considerable success to date; I thought I'd post a compilation of some quick data and links:

  • We launched on July 2nd (not the best timing as many games were either launching, on sale, or releasing in-game specials over July 4th weekend).
  • We were reviewed by the Austin Chronicle on their blog, on July 13th.
  • We were reviewed by TouchArcade on July 18th.
  • We were featured by Apple (in "New & Notable" on the App Store) on July 21st.
  • Joystiq featured us in their "Portalbliss" column on July 27th.
  • Several other major app/game sites have done reviews, all of them positive.
  • Flixel creator Adam "Atomic" Saltsman tweeted about the game and mentioned it during a recent appearance on the TouchArcade podcast.
  • The game has hovered around the #10 position in both the Puzzle Games and Strategy Games categories on the App Store since being featured by Apple.
  • The game's peaks (to date) in the All Games category at ranking #70, and at #125 in all apps overall.
  • All of this is for the U.S. App Store. We've seen comparable success in the Australian, Canadian, and U.K. app stores, though with different timings.

The game is doing well financially as well, and the enthusiasm in most of the reviews and on Twitter is both humbling and exciting.

We're still planning an update with volume control support, and GameCenter support for leaderboards. There's also many requests for a harder difficulty mode, which is something I'm thinking a lot about and which may make it into the 1st or 2nd update we do, we'll see...!

Fun times!

Connectrode on App Store!

Posted on July 1, 2011

Just a quick note here that the puzzle game I've been working on for the past ~8 months (entirely in my spare time, with some very talented game developers here in Austin) will finally be released on the App Store on July 2nd. Exciting times!

Find out more on the Connectrode website; you can download the game here.

UPDATE: The game is now live! On day 1, so far we've managed to hit #132 in the "Strategy Games" category and #182 in the "Puzzle Games" category, and we have eight 5-star reviews, three of them with rave written reviews. Seems like a strong start... again, exciting times! Thanks to everyone who's been helping create buzz so far, it's been greatly appreciated!

C.O.O.P. – My Global Game Jam 2011 game

Posted on February 2, 2011

I (and a team of 8 others) made a new Flixel game: it's called C.O.O.P. It's a Flash game, but to play it properly you need two players at the mouse/keyboard!

Play it Here!


Keyboard Player:

Move up/left/right/down: W, A, S, D

Shoot up/left/right/down: Arrow keys

Mouse Player:

Place object on game field: Click there.

Choose object to place: Click on buttons at bottom of screen, OR use the mouse-wheel.

How we made it: I led a team of 9 people in creating this game in 48 hours; it's built using the Flixel engine. It was intense, and some things about the final product are a little rough, but I'm very proud of what we accomplished!

Gameplay: One player is playing the game as a top-down shooter, using the keyboard. The other is playing something more like a tower defense game, placing items on the game field using the mouse. Both of them are cooperating to keep the "keyboard player" alive. This was the high concept I came into the jam with; the team agreed to run with the idea (our second choice was a game about getting pandas to mate - the theme of the jam was "extinction"); and run with it we did.

We're planning to clean it up, add a single-player mode, and try to sell it to a Flash portal - we'll see how that goes.

I'll write up a more detailed "postmortem" of the development process within the next few days, watch for that here. If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it; just leave it in the comments below!