Connectrode FAQ


Nope! Connectrode is a completely original style of puzzle game you’ve never seen before.


Is Connectrode just another “Match-3” game?

The basic rule is that each time you make a connection that clears two chips, you receive 100 points. However you can make more points from a connection, in two ways:

  1. 1. If you clear a connection that contains THREE chips, you always receive 500 points.

  2. 2. If you clear connections on successive turns, they increase your “streak”, and the base clear score will be multiplied by that streak value. (Example: If you make a connection on your first turn, you make 100 points; if you then make a connection on your second turn, you make 200 points; if you make a connection on your third turn, you make 300 points. If you don’t clear a connection on your fourth turn, the streak is reset, and your next connection will be worth 100 points again.)

The other important part of scoring is the bonuses that you receive when you clear an entire color.

When you clear chips of a certain color, and there are either 0 or 1 chips of that color remaining on the board, that color is considered cleared. If there is 1 chip leftover, it is “cleaned up”; and any connectors of that color left on the board are also cleaned up.

So the “color clear” point bonuses work as follows:

  1. If there are no chips of that color leftover (rather than having 1 chip leftover), you get 200 points.

  2. If there are no connectors of that color leftover, you get 200 points.

  3. If BOTH of the above are true, you get a bonus of 600 points.

This bonus is awarded for each color that you clear; on a Hard or Expert board (with 6 colors), this means a total bonus of 3600 points, simply by avoiding all these leftovers. It can be tricky to achieve this kind of “elegance” though!

How can I get a higher score?